Proximity Cards / Electronic Cards

iLakshya Presents a unique attendance recording system, an extremely economical option, it keeps the track of incoming and outgoing time of your students and employees in the smartest way possible. So just switch to this smart recording system and forget all the worries regarding presence of your employee. It is very important that the person must have identity card because it contain important information about the card holder. So lakshya present contact less electronic card with some different memory sizes used for high security application

What Proximity Cards ?

Lots of companies use proximity cards to control physical access. An employee holds their card within a few inches of the reader; the reader receives a unique id from the card and transmits it to some central computer that tells it whether or not to open the door.

This is rather magical, considering that the tag is credit card-thin and contains no battery. The trick is the same as for RFID tags. The reader constantly transmits a rather strong carrier; the tag derives its power and clock from this carrier, kind of like a crystal radio. The tag changes how much carrier it reflects back at the reader—loosely, it makes the circuit across its antenna more like a short or more like an open—to transmit its code. The reader and the tag both have antenna coils tuned to the carrier frequency; they work like a loosely-coupled resonant transformer.