Software Solutions

Software Technologies Is A High-Tech Enterprise Integrated With Development, Branding, Manufacture, Support And Marketing . We Provide customised software For The Client Offering Different Alternatives To Match The Application Requirements.

We Offer A Sophisticated Range Of School Automation System, Hr & Payroll Management System, Hospital Management Software, Id Card Generation, Library Management System, Online Examination Management System, Visitor Management System Which Are Reckoned For Their High Performance. I LAKSHYA TOTAL SOLUTION Is Promoting Wide Range Of School Automation software& Biometric Machines software With Smart Card Based Access Control System For More Than 5 Years. I LAKSHYA TOTAL SOLUTION Has Developed Hardware Solutions Successfully In Various Cross-Functional Applications For Commercial, Industrial Automation, And Stands Ahead Of The Competition In Innovative Race Of Integrating Sophisticated Technologies.

We Also Offer Website Design And Development Services, Graphics Design Best Suitable To Your Budget, I LAKSHYA TOTAL SOLUTION In Its Brief Stint Has Earned Name As A Leading Professional software development Company In India. We Have The Proven Experience And Expertise In Designing Website also. That Succeed By Bringing In Inquiries, Which Generate Sales And Are An Asset To Your Business. As A Software Development Company We Offer A Full-Circle Approach In Website Design &Software Development. We Focus In Understanding Your Business Objectives, Defining The Problem And Finally Designing The Best Possible Solution.

Give your business an Edge with picture perfect solutions.

We are a large group of software engineers with proven track record diverse expertise and are able to poise software development efforts and project extent to your business requirements. We are quick to grasp the uniqueness of each of our clients and focus painstakingly on the individual needs of our clients as a basic step to move forward. With us, you can be sure of unfaltering support, stronger trust and state of the art software development cycle.

When it comes to Software Development Services, we have successfully delivered a variety of customized software products to clients spread across domains. We have expertise for both Web and desktop based software application solutions. Inspite of the disadvantages desktop applications are still as popular as web application. However most enterprises use and opt for web based solution for global access. Many solutions especially those that involve hardware/software interaction can only are built for the desktop, so both goes parallel. We offer to build back-office applications that can be used by clients to manage their operations as well as to manage their websites.

Our team is capable to produce customized software solution at various levels. Our team of experts will analyze your requirements and suggest the either the web/desktop mode of development.


  • ERP Software package, TradeLine BMS
  • Customized software development to meet specific needs.
  • Barcode solutions
  • Cheque Printing
  • Document & Task Management System
  • Money Transfer (Online Solution)

ERP Package

  • Window based, Easy-to-use, User-friendly, Flexible, Totally integrated modules and sub-modules.
  • Multi-user, Multi-Location, Multi-Currency facility.
  • Powerful Multi-level Security features.
  • Same look and feel throughout the system.
  • Powerful Enquiries
  • Individual Form-level user rights.
  • Multiple Sub-ledgers with multiple control account for each sub-ledger code.
  • User-friendly PDC Module for Receipts and Issues with automatic generation of related JV’s for Release, Canceling or Bouncing of Cheques.
  • Variety of Summary and Detail reports in all modules with all possible combination
  • View / Print / Export facility for selected reports or checklist
  • Record searching and scrolling facility to find the right code without the need to remember them with different selection criteria.
  • Auto Year-end Procedure
  • Auto-Generation of Closing Balance JV for P&L items
  • Automatic Transfer of Opening Balance (GL, S/Ledgers, IVT, JC etc) to New Year Data, whenever there is a change in Closing Balance.
  • No need to remember to transfer the balance.

Financial Accounting

  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Level Security
  • Multi Branch
  • Auto Year-End
  • General Ledger
  • Chart of Accounts (3 levels)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts Receivables (AR)
  • Petty Cash
  • Direct payments other than AP
  • Cheque Printing
  • Bank and Cash Reports
  • Multiple Sub-Ledger (Employee, Project, AR, AP, Vehicle etc.)
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Module
  • Auto generation of prepayment JV’s
  • Auto generation of Accrual JV’s

Inventory Management System

  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Level Security
  • Multi Unit of Measurement
  • Weighted Average Costing
  • Grouping/Categorization of Materials
  • Product wise storage location
  • Material Requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Inventory / Stock
  • Non Inventory items
  • Checking/blocking over budget Issues/Purchases
  • Purchase order cancellation
  • Goods receipt note (GRN)
  • Supplier’s Invoice
  • Import
  • Local
  • Purchase Return
  • Stores Issue Note
  • Goods Transfer to Branch
  • Store to Store
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Powerful Material enquiry
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Valuation Reports
  • Stock Status Report
  • Stock Ageing Reports
  • Reorder Level Report
  • Purchase order Status Reports
  • Fast/Slow Moving Report
  • Stock Card
  • Other Reports

Sales Management System

  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Location
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Note
  • Delivery Return
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Revised Sales Invoice
  • Pending status reports
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Fast Selling Items
  • Slow Moving Items
  • Gross Profit Reports

Job Management System

  • Multi Level Security
  • Multi Job Types
  • Categorization/Classification of Job Expenses
  • Budget/Estimate monitoring
  • Customer Enquiry Register
  • Site Inspection Register
  • Bill of Quantity (Estimation)
  • Material
  • Labour
  • Sub-Contracts
  • Other Overheads
  • Quotation
  • Revision of Quotation
  • Job Confirmation
  • Delivery Note
  • Delivery Return
  • Sales/Job Invoice
  • Sales Return/Credit Note
  • User-friendly Job Enquiry
  • Job Ledger
  • Job Expense Analysis
  • Summarized
  • Detail
  • Job wise profit Analysis
  • Job wise Invoice Analysis
  • Customer wise Job wise Analysis
  • Job Status Report
  • Pending for Delivery
  • Pending for Invoice
  • Pending for Payment
  • Job type wise Job wise Analysis
  • Job Expense Type wise Analysis
  • Summary Detail

Technologies Specilazation

Software Services possess the expertise on whole range of technologies that can be used to develop efficient software products. We always choose most feasible and efficient technology for designing and developing solutions and believe that it works as a base that caters to the exact business needs. We provide you with a strikingly balanced software development and minimal project duration, availing you the otherwise rare cost advantage for your business. These include:

  • Visual Basic
  • ASP
  • ASP .NET
  • PHP
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL