Industries Services

In the modern world, security has become a major concern in every organization. There is need in government organizations, public buildings and schools, the level of security needs may differ but effective security management is the need of the day.

iLakshya Total Solution offers a unique solution to manage visitors with a interactive and user-friendly software. The user creates visitor ID card containing Name, Date, Time and Photo of the visitors and in addition the name and department of the concerned appointment within the organization.

Organizations or companies have hundreds of visitors each week. Automating the registration process makes better use of the guards' time and allows the company or organization people to identify non-staff in the building more easily. ILAKSHYA TOTAL SOLUTION also provides to maintain the day-to-day details of the visitors in the SQL database. With the help of the details that is stored in the database the admin of the company or organization can search the visitors visited on particular date.

Benefits for Industries

  • HRPayroll collection
  • Seamless communication
  • Highly Secure
  • complete reports
  • zero data redancy
  • User friendly
  • multi tasking
  • No inventory costs
  • Import information
  • High flexibility
  • Fast response to visitors
  • User freindly

our offers for industries

  • Enquiry Management System

    Enquiry Management

    Enquiry details on various parameter viz .publicity source course type city area and period. Past follow-up details and follow-up schedules. Graphical/periodical business and counselor analysis.

  • Enquiry Management System

    Internet Data Transfer

    Internet data transfer (Easy date shipping and synchronization For multi-location clients one point information from all branches Export of student /marks data to internet for display on website.

  • Enquiry Management System

    Electronic ID Cards

    It is very important that the person must have identity card because it contains important information about the card holder. So lakshya present contact less electronic card with some different memory sizes used for high security application.

  • Enquiry Management System

    Mess Management

    Block/Room wise accupacy and vacency status and detailed information of hostelers including there accounts.

  • Enquiry Management System

    Transport Management

    Reports acccording to bus/routes/stops and student using this service; maintance shedule for a bus, routs and related accounts.

  • Enquiry Management System

    Attendance Management

    It is very economical option which record of incoming and outgoing time of employees in the smartest way.