IP Boards

IP Boards

The entire concept of a technology enabled classroom is based on the "Cognitive Approach" which has been the most widely accepted theory of the learning process. The cognitive approach, which recognizeds the close relatinship between that which is known to be learned, proceeds to build on this knowledge base by helping students associate new material with something that is familier. Productive teaching occurs when this new link is established. Therefore, an effective teacher who uses cognitive stratgies will incorporate many devices into a lession to assist the student in this linking process. Audio-visual aids, demostrations, simulations, rhymes, and patterns are some linking devices available to the teacher.

Providing solutions at your School

Traditional classrooms where Learning essentially takes place are transformed to interactive learing centres where the teachers can utilize various digital aids to assist in the teaching process in addition to the conventional chalk and talk method. This solution takes on a higher level of significance since it is incorporated in the classroom itself where the teaching-learing activities actually take place. The iLakshya Classroom comprises of an interactive white board and projector which can be used by the teachers to communicate with the class using both visual assoiation and text instruction, enabling a more in depth understanding of the topic.

Functioning of iLakshya Classroom

The model consists of an interactive white board and projector which aid the entire classroom experience. The teachers can use the board for written instruction and simultaneously use the projector for visual association. This digital classroom package is complete with i lakshya flagship patented product DigitALly which is a powerpoint enzbled multimedia teaching tool. The solution also provides a dedicated resource co-ordinator to assist the teachers and provide general service support to the school.

Enabled syllabus specific course Content - Digitaliy
  • Animation
  • Experiment
  • Diagrams

DigitALly is a tool that is both ready to use as well as flexible and open to costomization.it is a multimedia resource library with around 3000 animations. Several hours of experiment and over 10,000 diagrams. DigitALly is the Primary teaching tool in a digital classroom and it is a comperhensive resource that enableds teachers to costomize their teaching sessions, keeping in mind the learners pace.

Benefits of the Program

Enhances students performance by facilitating long term retension and retrival. Its dynamic nature encouages active learning and bring the subject to life. Promotes in depth understanding of subject matter through its engaging content. Builds teacher effectiveness and productvity through the interactive dimension i LAKSHYA also makes available to the school a vast library of digital teaching with relevent instruction material. This repository gets updated on a regular basis. It is an open source which permits addition of first hand knowledge of the teachers whenever required.