Our Success Story

iLakshya Total Solutions a well known leading firm in call centre services, school automation and time & access control machine provides to the schools, office, Hospitals, factories and other sectors.

iLakshya Total Solutions was incorporated on 19th November, 2006 as a Private Limited Company and continues to remain a 100% family owned company. iLakshya Total Solutions is the first company in Gorakhpur to provides call centre services, attendance machine OMR Software, Bar code reader, Bulk sms pack, Camera, Interactive white board under one roof. At the start of call centre services iLakshya handled over the call centre services with firm named RAMPUS SCHOOL, MOMENTUM CLASSES, SVIIT GORAKHPUR, ZAPTECH, DATA CARE SERVICES and so on many were there in our initial stage of the start of Lakshya Call Centre Services.

Those people who joined iLakshya Total Solutions in the initial stage Mr. Tufail Ahmed, Mr. Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui, Miss Arshia Meraj, Mrs. Parul Mishra, Mr. Diwakar Tiwari all these People with the joined effort started Lakshya Call Centre and started and entered into the educational services with Attendance Machine, OMR Software, CCTV Camera, Interactive white Boards call centre services, i.e. Complete automation of school our first client in taking our services in schools is RAMPUS SCHOOL and Its Director Mr. P.C. Srivastava, he gave a tremendous support at the initial stage of Lakshya Call Centre and today also he is a precious part of iLakshya.

iLakshya Total Solutions has done a pioneering effort in introducing and creating and awareness of this latest technology in India and Gorakhpur city. Our associates and business partners as well as our customers have provided us tremendous support in all our endeavors. Lakshya has launched software for access control, time and attendance, payroll, HRMS, Id Cards manufactures with figure printing and photo capability.

We at iLakshya Total Solutions occupy a unique place in the dynamic, rapidly growing world of computerized solutions. We largest suppliers of Biometric figure print reorganization products and solutions in Gorakhpur. We are largest user and supplier of proximity cards in eastern U.P. for more than 3 Years.