Hr & Payroll Managements

Payroll is an important activity in any organization. Payroll software has been specially designed to provision the automation of the payroll system. With our payroll software, it is possible to maximize the potential of payroll through timely and accurate salary processing, efficient handling of reimbursements, loans & advances and Government of India statutory requirements including all PF, ESIC and TDS. In a globalized organization the impedance of federal and state government laws need all employers to comply with wage and hourly standards to ensure all employees are paid salary on time.

The Payroll Software developed by I LAKSHYA TOTAL SOLUTION is resourceful software that provides a hassle free process towards organizing the payroll functions in to a GUI interface that is easily manageable. The payroll software is initially configured to segregate the payroll process on basis of the Company and its branches The software utilizes the input of entities within Company’s hierarchy along with the salary structure decided as per the management’s recruitment decision as the point of inception. The smart system generates all the updated payroll information for the individual. This process is adept in categorizing the information generated as per the user’s needs. The software provides a module wise access to payroll processes.

Opportunities within Organisations

Two of the most important departments within any organisation are the HR and Payroll departments. The integration of the two departments to work in tandem is vital to the success of operations. The Payroll Management Software utilizes its simple to use interface and provision features to carry out day to day HR and Payroll activities. The direct impact of electronically manage all activities is reduction on administrative work loads. One of the highlights of payroll management System is the integration of Attendance Management software at absolutely no extra charge where in the login time and the logout time of each employee within the organisation can be recorded and collated as per the number of hours to facilitate in generating salaried working hours. The payroll management system can be integrated with existing attendance management processes/software and will have provisions to supersede or disengage with a click of button.


Flexible data entry option that lets you work in a way that makes the most sense for your business. Robust functionality from basic to the very complex. Unique graphical interface will even guide you through the payroll process in step-by-step mode.

  • Complete and easy access to information, update payroll information, track trends and generate management reports on demand.
  • Unlimited numbers of salaried or hourly employees.
  • Different versions to suit different client requirements.
  • Accuracy: All the calculations are done automatically so will avoid the human errors involved.
  • Multiple document interfaces allows simultaneous examination of various forms, lists, data and specifications.
  • Personalized Salary Slip Printing.